Chrome remote torrent adder

Go to this link and add the google torrent adder extension to your chrome browser :

Document image

Click on add to chrome as highlighted

Once done it will show up in your chrome extension , right click on it and select options

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It will open up a new tab, the first thing you do is remove the primary server:

Document image

Once the primary server is removed ,Click on add server

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Give it any server name you want and then for server type from drop-down menu select rutorrent WebUI and then click add

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Then make the settings as per below image

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Name : Seedbox(you can choose any name)

Host : creative.myseedbox.site (replace creative with hostname provided in your client area)

Port : 443

SLL : Checked

Username : Your seedbox username

Password: Your seedbox password

relative path : rutorrent/ (please ensure you put the "/" at the end of rutorrent and not before)

Label : Optional (upto you)

Thats it now you can close the page:

now go to any torrent website and right click on torrent or magnet link and select remote torrent adder

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Lately it generates this fake error :

Document image

But torrent is added fine so you can ignore it:

Document image