Why my seedbox is slow?

Understanding seedbox performance

During the normal operation of a seedbox, you might experience a slight performance downgrade which can be because of the following reasons:

  • Input/Output operations on the HDD storage
  • CPU Usage
  • Network Speed
  • Memory Utilized

Vital information! All premium seedbox plan or Box + Plex seedbox plan we provide runs in a shared environment. It depicts that a single server has restricted resources and these resources are shared by several users parallelly. So please keep in mind that when a performance issue occurs it might resolve by itself after a root cause is identified and fixed. HDD I/O  Seedboxes generally have a lot of input-output operations to do and it may affect storage performance greatly but are temporary in nature. When the HDD usage is high due to a heavy number of I/O operations you may feel your seedbox to be slow and lagging. Please be patient as it might get resolved automatically after some time. If in case it doesn’t resolve please contact our support team by raising a ticket. CPU Usage Our seedboxes run on modern server-grade processing units which are much faster and capable of doing operations concurrently. Sometimes users do some CPU-intensive tasks like media transcoding, file compression, Streaming media, etc. due to which CPU is consumed a lot by some users and that causes higher concurrency with the rest of the users. It occurs mainly in premium network plans. But it won’t last forever as it gets back to normal after some time. If the CPU usage is very high for a longer amount of time your seedbox may become unresponsive for some time. In this case please raise a support ticket, our dev team will reboot the server and soon the issue will be resolved. Network Speed Seedbox may have slower upload and download speeds depending on the amount of data being sent or received by the server. The more data being transferred the more congestion occurs in the server’s uplink. Having 1 GB/s network connection too may seem very fast but

since it’s utilized by many users at a time performing various tasks. Wait for some time and the speed will get back to normal after these tasks are done. If there is a drastic drop in the speeds and you experience this for longer than a day or two please raise a support ticket. Memory Consumption It is the last reason that could be possible for slower seedbox speed. It happens rarely but it occurs when some users perform high memory demanding tasks and are running multiple processes in the background. It can be resolved by shutting down unnecessary applications or by rebooting the seedbox. If none of the above work for you you can request to migrate your service to a different server that is less populated. Torrent Demand and peering There are few things that affect seedbox speeds that are beyond our control. One of these is the demand for the torrent and the peering from your tracker. Torrent speeds increase/decrease for few days to a week is quite common. If you are seeding a new private tracker torrent on the initial state have higher seedings as there is a high demand from peers. But as the days pass peers become seeders themselves thereby increasing the supply and decrease in demand due to which there is an overall decrease in seeding.

Server downtime Sometimes due to server downtime on the tracker side peering issue may arise for some time. As there are hundreds of torrents getting added and peering of these torrents bring some hardware issues and limitation themselves on the server.