Firefox Torrent Control remote torrent adder

Tired of opening seedbox dashboard every time to add torrent in rutorrent? This Firefox add on, "Torrent Control" will allow you to remotely add torrents directly to your seed box.

Download the add on here

After you have Torrent Control installed. Navigate to about:addons → Torrent Control →  Then Options

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Please keep the default options as it is and set labels as per your reference and set the server configuration by using the FTP details of your seedbox.

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you can use the following as default save directories:/home/WEBSITEUSERNAME/downloads/manual/OR/home/WEBSITEUSERNAME/downloads/Example:  /home/evo4ever/downloads/manual/ OR /home/evo4ever/downloads/ After you are done, select save and try adding any torrent by going to your favorite torrent website and right-clicking on a magnet link. 

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If you get an error, you more than likely entered some information wrong. Double-check and ensure your details are entered correctly. 

You will see this when you right-click a magnet link.

From here, you can add your torrent with whatever label you want, or with other options.

  1. Add Torrent is default and simply adds the torrent to your seedbox.
  2. Add Torrent (advanced) lets you modify some information.
  3. Add Torrent(Paused) adds the torrent paused
  4. Add Torrent with label → lets you select what label. Useful if you have different torrent websites with different seed requirements. 
  5. Add Torrent with path lets you change your download path if you desire.

You can also open your seedbox’s rutorrent by click on the extension itself.

Updated 22 Apr 2021
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