How to transfer data from the previous provider to your Seedbox via FTP

The majority of Seedboxes come with an FTP connection by default. Evoseedbox is one of them. So using the FTP we can transfer data from one box to another easily.

In this article, we will show you how to use FTP clients like Filezilla to transfer your data.

Part 1

Find your FTP credentials for both the seedboxes. Below is the list of information you will require:

  • FTP username. 
  • FTP password. 
  • FTP port
  • FTP mode

If you are not clear about the mode of FTP in your seedbox, then contact support to enquire.

Part 2 

Connect to Evoseedbox using Filezilla or WinSCP. You can find FTP credentials in your dashboard.

Part 3

Whenever you are logged through Remote Desktop, discover the Filezilla's symbol on your Desktop.

When you open it, you should connect it with your former Seedbox, by giving FTP details mentioned in Part 1.

Kindly go to File/Site Manager or press CTRL+S, to make another connection.

Part 4

Since you've set up the connection both, it is an ideal opportunity to move files. Since Filezilla is a GUI FTP customer this can be handily accomplished by utilizing the simplified procedure. 

At the point when you are connected through FTP, the Local Site will be your past seedbox provider, and Remote Site will be our Seedbox, so to move records just drag documents or organizers from your Local Site and drop it Remote site objective registry. 

If you still need help, let us know in the chat or raise a ticket.