How to use your Seedbox Dashboard?

The seedbox control dashboard is the place from where you can access your seedbox. You can add/ remove apps, use rutorrent , monitor your seedbox.Through this article we’ll guide you how to use seedbox dashboard.

  • You can access your dashboard using the link and password provided in the Welcome to Evoseedbox email. Login window is shown as below:
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Enter your login credentials as provided in the email and press on log-in After successful login, you will see the client area where you can see the overview of your account. Details like a number of services, product quotes, support tickets opened, and invoices provided in the client area.

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Click on the services tab to open the currently available services and click on the service status to open the desired service.

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The next window that you see is the dashboard of your seedbox where you can look and access  various details from your plan  to the HDD quota and other useful information

  • Upload data limit details.
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  •  Setting up Electorrent – Guide to setup electorrent on your PC connected to rutorrent on the seedbox so that you can manage your torrents without explicitly accessing rutorrent.
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  • Accessing your control panel.
    • FTP details
      • Username
      • Password
      • SFTP/FTP port
      • FTP client – You can download LFTP client for seedbox access by clicking on the download button.
      • Hostname
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  • Upgrade/Downgrade – Used for plan upgrade and downgrade.
  • HDD Quota – Gives details about the current HDD usage.
  • Open/ Restart rutorrent 
  • Reset IRSSI – Used for any error pertaining to torrent download
  • Reset Session – Resets rutorrent which clears currently added torrents
  • Change Password – Used for resetting Rutorrent password.
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  • Web Access:It provides all the methods by which you can access the files on the seedbox directly from your machine.
    • File Manager – Opens file gator file manager
    • Direct HTTP access – Provides direct browser-based HTTP access to your seedbox.
    • Direct FTP access –  Provides FTP client-based access to your seedbox. In our current plans, Filezilla and lftp(Winscp) are being offered.
  • Google Drive:  This button is used o setup google drive for uploading files from seedbox to your google drive.
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Installed Apps: It lists and provides access to the installed apps.You can also restart and remove the apps from this section itself. 

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Help/Knowledge Base: Opens the starters guide to Evoseedbox. It gets you along with the basics of rutorrent , Apps Tutorials, and common error fixes.

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Apps Section: It provides all the apps available in your plan and you can install any app with one-click.You can also search for an using the search section. It also has options to install, reinstall, and uninstall the app while keeping the config and removing the existing config. You can also update the app from here just with one-click. If you want to back-up the existing config you can do so by clicking on the back-up option.

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Basic Seedbox details:

  • Registration Date
  • Package
  • Server
  • Billing cycle
  • Status
  • Payment method
  • Next due date
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Services Tab: It lists all the services available and you can also order new services from here.

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Billing Tab: It provides details of all the invoices, your quotes,  mass payment and payment methods. You can also add funds from here.

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Support Tab :  From this tab you can see the status of all the tickets raised .See the latest announcements and refer to our knowledge base for guidance. You can also see the network status and downloads.

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Open Ticket: From  here you can raise  a ticket if you have any technical issue or a billing related query or a general customer support query.

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