Unavailable Applications in Seedbox

Yes, you will find that EvoSeedbox doesn’t have all the applications that are available in the market. There are many factors for not keeping an application:

Some applications are really not in-demand with our current set of users. But, we are ready to hear from you if you want us to add an application. 

In case of such requests, please raise a ticket. Our Technical team will take note of your request.

It is no longer updated

Some popular apps might be depreciated. This means that they are not available to function.

It is un-stable

If an app is unstable and this is reported in the seedbox or any other community, we try not to add it in our seedbox as it can cause severe issues for our users.

Is not compatible with our Seedbox

This rarely happens that an application is working and updated but not compatible with our seedbox. There is nothing much we can do about this case.

We have added the majority of the popular applications available. But if you want us to add an application of your choice, then please raise a ticket regarding this.