Using Electorrent

Electorrent is a great way to access rutorrent like native application in your PC MacBook or Linux device.

  • Download electorrent for windows here 
  • Download electorrent for Mac here
  • Download electorrent for Linux here 

The installation is a straight forward like any package installer in your respective device

Once installed and you run electorrent, you will get a screen like this:

Document image

  • IP address: As displayed in your seedbox control panel
  • Select HTTPS
  • Username: As displayed in your seedbox control panel.
  • Password: As displayed in your seedbox control panel.
  • Client Program: Choose rtorrent from the dropdown.
  • Port : 443
  • rpc address : /rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php
  • Tick on RPC check box.

For me the final setup looked something like this:

Document image

Once done click on Connect large green button

Your electorrent will open up like a native torrent client like this :

Document image

Updated 29 Apr 2021
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