Beginners Guide to NextCloud

Hey, so you want to use your seedbox as a cloud sharing platform or to manage files and media remotely? Then this app called Nextcloud is perfect for you!

In this article, we will learn how to use Nextcloud and about the basic features of the application.

The first step is to install the Nextcloud app. This can be done with just one click from your evoseedbox dashboard.

Now that your Nextclud app is installed on your seedbox =, it is time to look inside the app.

Open the app and you will be asked to log in. Use the FTP credentials given in your seedbox’s dashboard.

Once you sign in, you will find on a window like this: 

Document image

Looks nice right? You can customize it too. Just scroll down a bit to find the customize button.

Document image

A pop-up will appear on the screen. Over here, you can add widgets like weather, recommended files, etc. you can even get more widgets from the Nextcloud app store.

If you scroll down a little bit, you can find many in-build options for the background. If you do not like the given options, then you can choose you won as well.

Note: The image must be in your Nextcloud space.

Document image

Now let us get into the more interesting and useful part of the app. File management.

On the top-left side of the dashboard, you can find the Files icon. Click on it to manage your files.

Document image

By default, there are some files added to your account. These are just there to show the usability of the app. Plus, these files contain Manual and documentation, if you want to read them.

Document image

From the “+” button, you can add a new document or a new folder or even upload a new file.

Naturally, the file will be uploaded to your seedbox, as it is the acting server behind the application.

Document image

If you are making a new document then you can actually use premade templates and edit them.

Document image

Document image

If you want to access only media, that is video or images in your Nextcloud app, then you can use the option of photos, in the main menu.

Document image

There are some pre-added photos and videos to show you how the app can be used. Similarly, you can upload your videos or photos and manage them using the Nextcloud app.

Share files directly from Nextcloud.

It is really really easy to share files using Nextcloud. Just open the Nextcloud app and find the file you want to share. 

Let us say, you want to share the Nextclud manual, click on the share icon in it.

Document image

A sidebar will appear, from here, click on the plus button to create a sharable link for this document.

Document image

Once the link is created, copy the link and share it with anyone you’d like to share it with. They can access the file and even download it.

If you want to keep this link secure, click on the 3 dots that appear after the link is created.

Document image

Here, you can add a password to the document link, set an expiration date, add a note to the receiver, or even unshare the document.

Adding plugins/apps to Nextcloud

On the top-right corner of the application, you can find your user profile menu. From here, click on the apps menu.

Document image

By default, a few apps are added to your Nextcloud.

On the left-hand side, you can see a sidebar with many options.

Document image

These are different categories available for apps. You can find whichever app suits your needs and add it to your Nextcloud account.

In this case, we are taking the Analytics app as an example. 

Go to the dashboard app category, and the first app you’ll find is analytics.

Click on the “Download and Enable” button to add your app.

Document image

It will ask you to enter the password, the same password you used to log in to the Nextcloud app.

You can see the analytics app is installed.

Document image

Adding a new user/group to Nextcloud

What if you want to add a new user to your account? With Nextcloud you can do it with a few steps.

On the top-right section, click on your account and then click on the “Users” tab from the menu.

Document image

You will be able to see all the existing users from here and basic information like their username, group to which they belong, and space allocated to them.

On the left sidebar, you can see a button to add a new user. Click on it.

Then you will be asked to put down basic information about the user.

Document image

Once you have added the info, click on the blue “tick” button to save the user. A new user is created.

If you want to remove or disable a user, then click on the 3 dots beside and user and select any action you want to perform.

Document image

Tracking activity in the Nextcloud app.

If you are the admin, then you need to be aware of all the things that are happening in your Nextcloud account.

Just click on the “Activity” tab from the top-left menu and you can see all the activities.

Document image

That covers all the basic usage of the Nextclooud application. Once you start using it, you find out how powerful it really is.

And in case you have stuck anywhere, just hit us up using the chat or raise a ticket.

We will guide you through.