Choosing a Seedbox Plan

If you are new to seedboxes then choosing the right plan can be tricky. You don’t want to purchase a plan that provides less than what you are looking for and at the same time, you don’t want to get a plan which is not being used properly and is wasting money.

Evoseedbox currently offers 8 plans to choose from, which are divided into two categories.

  1. Premium Seedbox Plans
  2. Box + Plex Plans

Premium Seedbox Plans

These plans are for seedboxes with a proper focus on torrenting. They are designed to provide a high-quality torrenting experience. There are four plans:

Blitz: A small plan and very affordable plan designed to provide basic seedbox facilities.

Speed: This is a Hot Plan among premium seedboxes. It gives you all the apps and utilities of the seedbox at an impressive price.

Blaze: A bigger version of Speed with more space and more bandwidth.

Dash: The best in the Premium range. It is perfect to make your own media center with all apps and huge storage space with massive monthly bandwidth.


Box + Plex Plans

As the name suggests, these plans are made especially to work with Plex. This means that apart from basic functionalities like seeding, these boxes can support almost all media files to run in Plex. 

If you are looking to make a media center, then these plans are for you.

There are four plans:

Spidey: A small but very agile plan, just like its name. Suitable for steaming files directly with a handsome amount of space and monthly bandwidth.

Ironman: A full utility box with everything right. With a 4001 GB HDD and an impressive 10 TB upload bandwidth per month, this seedbox is optimum for creating and sharing your media server.

Hulk: A monster plan with a Humongous Space of 6001 GB HDD and a 15 TB upload/month. You can download as much as you want and seed too. It comes with priority support too.

Thanos: This box will stay up all the time, it is inevitable. Yes, it has all the six stones to work like a beast. A powerful architecture, huge HDD, unbelievable bandwidth, Priority customer support, Unlimited Downloads, and suitable for Plex.


How should I select my Plan?

Well, the answer lies in the usability factor. If you are looking to use Plex then any “Box + Plex” plan will do the job.

But if you are looking for a more affordable option then premium plans can work for you.

Find a sweet spot between three things:

  1. The storage capacity required.
  2. Monthly upload bandwidth required.
  3. Features provided like support and Plex.

If you are still confused about a Plan, then we recommend you go for a Speed plan or Spidey plan, to begin with. You can always upgrade to a better plan.

If you want to know more about any functionality, hit us up using our chat system.