Why you are not able to access your seedbox?

Even after successful product initialization, the seedbox might not connect or fail to load. There could be multiple reasons for this. A few of them are listed here:

  • Certificate issues: There are instances where you are not able to create a connection to the seedbox due to Self-Signed certificate issues. Your browser may throw an error saying ‘The connection is not secure’. You can freely ignore this warning.
  • Anti- Virus issues: While connecting to your seedbox, your anti-virus may block the connection to the seedbox or any of our apps. In case you face any such issues. Please select ‘allow application’ when there is any prompt from your anti-virus.
  • Firewall: Firewall is a software tool built-in in your operating system or could be a part of the anti-virus software. Its main objective is to block unauthorized connections or access to the internet to your computer. It sometimes blocks FTP ports(20,21,22) due to which Filezilla or Winscp might not open.
  • VPN Connection: There could be some instances where your VPN might prevent you from creating a secure connection to the seedbox. In these instances please refer to your VPN’s user policy and documentation to allow access.
  • Your ISB: Some ISBs block certain ports which are not commonly used due to which your seedbox might not be able to connect to any of our apps. In that case, you might need to check with your ISB provider