Electorrent set-up

Electorrent allows you to control your seedbox remotely from an easy, simple desktop app.


  • Connects to your favorite torrent client
  • Handles the magnet link protocol when browsing websites
  • Upload local torrent files by browsing your filesystem (Ctrl/Cmd+O)
  • Drag-and-drop support for torrent files
  • Paste magnet links directly from your clipboard (Ctrl/Cmd+I)
  • Quickly change between multiple server configurations
  • Native desktop notifications
  • Fuzzy searching of torrents
  • Built in certificate trust system (for self-signed certificates)
  • Easy one click installer using Squirrel framework
  • Automatic updates straight from the GitHub repository!

From your client area, click "setup here" to launch your configuration template.

Document image

This is the screen you will see. You can copy and paste the information into the program when it launches.

Your password can't be copied but it is located in your client area.

Next click your download for your OS. This guide is done with Windows.

Document image

Next enter the information from the screen above.

Document image


Document image

If you have files on your seed box, this is where you can view them.

Document image

Notice on the left side where it says labels and trackers. You can click one of the tags, and it will only show content with that tag. Which is a great way to track your downloads.

Document image

Under layout, I also enabled ETA and Ratio, because those are important information to me.

Updated 29 Apr 2021
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