How to stream videos from seedbox on VLC

Seedbox, one of the best and safest ways to interact with torrents is not limited to just downloading/uploading torrent files. Seedboxes were initially created with that purpose, but over years companies have added functionalities to them.

These functionalities include applications, remote management, sharing files, folder sync, etc. and amongst them, the most prominent one is streaming of files.

Streaming helps make a simple seedbox into a remote media server. There are inbuilt applications like plex, emby, and jellyfin to stream videos, but did you know that you can stream videos in your VLC media player too?

In this article, I will show you how you can stream videos from Seedbox using a VLC media player.

The steps are simple and easy to follow, so let’s move ahead.

Steps to stream videos from seedbox in VLC

Step 1: Download the VLC media player on your device

The obvious step but still important to mention. VLC has been around for many years and is one of the most used media players. 

With the rise of streaming services like Prime and Netflix the popularity is decreasing, but none-the-less, VLC is one of its kind.

You can download the VLC media player from here

Step 2: Open Stream in VLC

Now that you have downloaded the VLC media player, open it and head to the stream section.

Document image

Step 3: Open Networks in VLC

When you click on stream, a pop-up will appear, click on the network section and you will see a blank text area. This is where we will paste the link of our file that is on our seedbox.

Document image

Step 4: Copy URL of the file from Seedbox

Open your seedbox, and open your file that you want to stream using the Direct FTP access. Find the file that you want to steam, right-click on it, and copy the link address.

NOTE: Make sure that you copy the link of the video file only.

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Paste the link in the section. Now this one is an important step. You will see the button for stream in the pop-up. But you have to click on the arrow beside it and a drop-down menu will appear. 

Click on play and wait for your movie to play.Use these settings and you’ll see 10 files being in queue for download at once.

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Step 6: Chill and enjoy your movie.

You have successfully learned how to stream any file on your VLC player and you deserve to chill. Just copy the URL of your favorite movie and stream.

NOTE: Get some popcorns too.